I wish to thank Anita, Ken, and Wilma, for their excellent advice, for providing information that I had forgotten, and for their proofreading of the manuscript.

Also, thanks to my friend, Kev Millikin, for the contribution of his picture to the cover, his inspiration for the title, his photographs, and his poem.

I also want to express my appreciation to:
- Father Alfred D’Souza for writing, ‘Happiness Is a Journey . . . Not a Destination’ which so perfectly matches the title of my book and its philosophy.
- A. Dowhay for having painted the picture, Stooks, which so beautifully illustrates to my younger readers what a ‘stook’ looks like.
- The Flin Flon City site for the photos of Flin Flon and of the Northern Lights on
- The American Museum of Science, Oak Ridge, TN for the photo graphically illustrating the effect of static electricity.
- M.C. Esher Company for permission to use a photo of one of his of amazing etchings.

I also thank the many people and organizations that have contributed information via sites on the Internet. I have tried to give specific acknowledgment whenever it was feasible for me to identify the original sources.