by Kev Millikin

upon the dust lined shelf
amongst my most valued possessions
there stands a photo of my most recent obsession
the highest incredible being
inside and out
has crossed my path to lead me in what life is about
to see, to hear, to taste it all
is nothing
if you do not feel and allow yourself to fall
to trust in his faith
and to be one in our eyes
this bond is so intimate
we must never say good-bye.

Though you are not here beside me
I press my finger to your photo
you are here with me
this I do know
I feel your presence, warm inside
I know you are thinking of me
you are my star guide.

As pinholes in a blanket
the light shines through
there is this amazing force
that enwraps me and you
from the tips of heaven
to the depths of hell
you are my angel. . .
and with you
only time will tell.